Thursday, April 18, 2013

Yeast Starters

Putting the correct amount of yeast in your beer can be one of the easiest ways to eliminate off-flavors. However, it is probably one of the most common oversights by the home brewer. Most people like the variety available in liquid yeast, and feel like it is a better product than the dry counter part, but the fact is, the large Wyeast pack and the standard Whitelabs vial, contain about half the necessary yeast for clean start to fermentation for a 5%, 5 gallon batch of ale. Using dry yeast has twice as many yeast cells for nearly half the price, but dry is limited to just a few strains. Doing a yeast starter is a great way to use liquid yeast correctly, but many beginners are intimidated by them. Salt City Brew Supply has created a helpful infographic to help understand yeast a little bit more, with simple instructions on how to do a yeast starter. You just need 24hrs, some yeast, dry malt extract, water and a container. Hopefully demystifying the Starter will be an easy way to increase the quality of your home brew.

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