Friday, July 26, 2013



Do It Yourself projects are growing in popularity, partly because people are getting a little tired of mass produced homogenized products that appeal to a mass market, and partly because it feels good to... well, so something yourself. With a very long standing history home brewing may arguably be the first DIY home project, but it is now being drowned out by the recent movement to do things yourself. So how do we help people start into the rewarding hobby of home brewing? Make it simple.

While there is a trend in 1 gallon beer kits, we at Salt City Brew Supply didn't want to limit people to just beer or just wine or even just alcohol for that matter. We decided to put together equipment that would span the needs of all fermenting into a small one gallon kit.

Maybe your just realized that you can actually make alcohol from all the fruit or vegetables in your yard, or maybe you even already brew beer or wine at home but want to try something new, like Mead or even Sauerkraut. Our new DIY1G kits let you test out whatever it is you would like to make, then adjust it till you get it just how you want it. We have Beer Recipes along with Mead and Cider, and we will soon add Fruit Wine, Vegetable Wine, Kavas, and Sauerkraut Recipes, with things like Kombucha and Kimchi down the road.

We will be supplying these kits to small stores around town who share a love for DIY projects, and already have a presence at the Wasatch Front Farmers Market Store and the Honey Stop, but we are planning to grow, so keep your eyes open.

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