Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Season, New Beers

Although the first day of Autumn isn't until September 22nd this year, most people feel like the start of September is, at least, the start of the end of Summer. Days get shorter and the air is cooler, and when the seasons start to change, so do the drinks we enjoy.

Now there is certainly nothing wrong with drinking a light pale ale during the fall and winter months, but after drinking these over the long hot summer, it is nice to try something new. Here are some styles of beers that you might want to start brewing now for the months ahead:

  • Pumpkin Ale – Low alcohol ready for Halloween, High alcohol ready for Thanksgiving
  • Christmas/Holiday Ales – Big alcohol needs time for aging just in time for Christmas
  • Bock or Dopplebock – Great to lager through Fall/Early Winter
  • Scotch Ale – One of my favorite cool weather beers. Small versions can be ready fairly soon, while others will need some age
  • Bitters and ESB – Great transitional beers from the big hoppy summer beers

 Time to get the Imperial Oaked Pumpkin Saison started.

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