Thursday, October 31, 2013

LE2013 - South African Chenin Blanc Roussanne

South African Chenin Blanc Roussanne 
Order by November 29th for January 2014

Paarl, South Africa 
Blessed by the same combination of hot sunshine and moderating ocean breezes that favor Worcester, the Paarl is encompassed by huge granite outcroppings that provide rain shadows to the vineyards and produce the sandy, mineral-laden soils. Low yields in these soils (less than 2 tons per acre) allow the vines to concentrate all of their growth on pristine, intense fruit.  

The three grapes make a unique wine of elegance, power and delicacy: crisp, but honeyed, with aromas of apricot, orange blossoms, herbal tea and melons give way to a medium body and a long rich finish of floral notes.  The depth and complexity of this white wine make it an excellent partner with richly flavored foods: curries, Satay, and South-Asian dishes, along with creamy or buttery sauces and soups. 

Sweetness: Dry 
Body: Medium 
Alcohol: 13%


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