Thursday, June 20, 2013

Brewing For Competition

On June 27th our store will be hosting a "Brewing for Competition" class. Aaron Selya from Epic Brewery will be speaking about how to brew to style and how to classify your beer for competition. This Free class will be at Salt City Brew Supply, but space is limited so you must call us and RSVP.

As the Beer Nut's Beehive Brew Off and Grace Lutheran's Bier Brauen Competitions grow closer (registration is already open for the Beehive Brew Off) it is important to know what category you should choose to enter your Oaked Wee Heavy Smoked Scottish ale.

These competition are AHA sanctioned competitions and follow the BJCP Style guidelines. The style guidelines are really interesting to flip through when you are making your beer (or tasting it), and there is a free PDF download here. So download the style guide, set aside some of those awesome beers that you haven't been sharing (because they are just too good), come to the class, and try your hand at being a competitive brewer this year... or next.


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