Thursday, June 27, 2013

Grain to Extract Conversion Chart

Alcohol is an important part of beer, arguably the most important part, not just because it's mind altering affects have undoubtedly helped to shape the world, but because it adds depth and flavor to beer that can't be duplicated without it. The amount of alcohol in your beer is dependent on the fermentables, or fermentable sugars, in this case from malted grain. Many people use malt exclusively, but many others use malt extract or a combination of both for their fermentables. However, beer recipes often only come in one version (all grain, or extract), so converting the recipe to your desired method of brewing can sometimes be a source of confusion. No need to worry. Use this chart to help you with the conversion and it will get you very close. Save your brain power for choosing which beer to drink while you brew your next beer.

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